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Stonebow House friends are extremely appreciated for all the work they do and their interaction with the residents. We need volunteers constantly to provide company for residents and assist with activities, for example hosting dances, card games and bingo nights. You might not think that volunteering at a care home would be all fun and games – but it actually can be. It is also a very fulfilling activity according to all our volunteers. They say they receive more than what they give most of the time.

Activities we love our volunteers as friends of Stonebow House:

  • Listening and talking. Some people are lonely and just want someone to listen and talk to.
  • Provide entertainment by playing a music instrument
  • Play a game of cards or dominoes
  • Take someone out for some shopping or a coffee
  • Organise old photographs
  • Help them sort out their cupboards or wardrobes
  • Reminisce