Other services

Food and menus

A varied menu is offered daily.

  • Dietary preferences and requirements are catered for. We specifically cater for ailments such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and excessive weight loss or dysphagia conditions.
  • Food allergies are considered in the digital care plan and in the kitchen
  • The meals include breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and supper. A choice of meals is on display.
  • Tea, coffee and other drinks and light refreshments are served throughout the day or on request.
  • Meals can be taken in the dining room, the lounge or in the residents own room as wished or required.

The cook accommodates special requests or treats and prepares a birthday cake for a resident’s birthday or other celebrations. Alternatives to menu items are discussed with residents who might not fancy the menu on offer and new suggestions are always welcomed at the resident meetings.

Resident’s fund

A resident’s funds account has been set up separate from the main account of the home. The purpose of this account is to:


  • Avoid residents having too much cash on them or in their rooms. Next-of-kin are encouraged to pay some funds into this account to enable services like hairdressing, newspapers and chiropody. The funds per individual should never be £0, and the next-of-kin will be reminded to top-up when required by a friendly phone call or an account statement.
  • The funds will be used for each residents’ hair appointments, chiropody or any other requirements as per their wish
  • The administrator will keep separate accounts for each resident and provide statements if and when required.
  • The home accountant will audit the fund and separate accounts once a month. All audits are available upon request
  • All collected, raised or donated funds are recorded by the home administrator as per classification. Funds raised, or donated (with the name of donator), through raffles, and charitable events, are dated and banked.
  • Spending of these funds is clearly marked, whether for the benefit of a certain individual or allocated to a group activity or of residents in the home.